Sen is delighted to announce that Nicole Stott has joined Sen as a Brand Ambassador.

Charles Black, Sen Founder & CEO, said “Having experienced spaceflight as a NASA astronaut, Nicole has become one of the world’s most inspiring communicators about the importance of taking better care of our beautiful planet. Nicole is inspirational and it’s an honour to have her help communicate the work Sen is doing to give everyone the unique perspective of Earth from space in the hope of empowering everyone to work towards a better future.”

Nicole Stott said ”I’m thankful to Sen for bringing the awe and wonder of our planetary home to life for everyone. By opening ourselves up to this orbital inspiration and by accepting our role as crewmates, not passengers, we have the power to create a future for all life on Earth that’s as beautiful as it looks from space.”

Nicole Stott is an astronaut, aquanaut, engineer, artist, and author of Back to Earth: What Life In Space Taught Me About Our Home Planet – And Our Mission To Protect It; and most importantly a mom. She creatively combines the awe and wonder of her spaceflight experience with her artwork to inspire everyone’s appreciation of our role as crewmates here on Spaceship Earth.

Nicole is a veteran NASA Astronaut with two spaceflights and 104 days in space as a crewmember on both the International Space Station and the Space Shuttle. Personal highlights of her time in space include being the 10th woman to perform a spacewalk, first person to operate the ISS robotic arm to capture a free-flying cargo vehicle, painting the first watercolor in space, working with her international crew for the benefit of all life on Earth, and of course the life-changing view of our planetary home. 

Nicole is also a NASA Aquanaut. In preparation for spaceflight, she was a crewmember on an 18-day saturation dive mission at the Aquarius undersea laboratory.

Nicole believes that the international model of peaceful and successful cooperation we have experienced in the extreme environments of space and sea holds the key to the same kind of peaceful and successful cooperation for all of humanity here on Earth.  

On her post-NASA mission, she is a founding director of the Space for Art Foundation — uniting a planetary community of children through the awe and wonder of space exploration and the healing power of art.

About Sen:

Sen was founded in 2014 by Charles Black with a vision to democratize space using video to inform, educate, inspire and benefit all humanity. Sen’s mission is to stream real-time videos from space to billions of people, gathering news and information on Earth and space and making the data universally accessible and useful. Sen will capture its unique video content using both hosted video cameras and its own constellations of small satellites. Sen’s is free for the public to view, with subscription options for downloads and usage. Sen has one satellite in orbit, ETV-A1 and will launch further satellites in 2025.

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