Sen’s vision is to democratize space using video to inform, educate, inspire and benefit all humanity.

Sen’s mission is to stream real-time videos from space to billions of people, gathering news and information about Earth and space and making it universally accessible and useful.

Sen is a data business using its own micro satellites and hosted cameras to stream real-time videos and information about Earth direct to individuals, creating a unique dataset for all humanity, empowering people and inspiring global change.

Sen’s vision is a humanitarian one—to help raise awareness about planetary changes and to support those directly affected by events on Earth, and to help inform people about the reality of our existence in space. Sen will give people videos of Earth, other worlds and space. Augmented Reality will be used to overlay the story-telling power of video with additional information, providing multi-world data and unique new perspectives for humanity.

Our business model is a data business with mass usage to inform, educate and inspire people, making our information freely accessible to individuals. Sen will also work with businesses and organisations, offering image capture for analysis to third parties seeking to derive deep insights of change on Earth.

Sen’s data will be freely accessible to humanitarian organisations which provide emergency response to major human and environmental events that affect lives, communities and global infrastructure.

By creating a new form of media suitable for mass consumption, Sen will provide new perspectives of Earth and space that can inspire, unite and educate humanity as we become a multi-world democracy.

We will deploy our first video cameras in Low Earth Orbit and then scale to deep space. Sen’s cameras will be deployed on both its own satellites and as hosted payloads on other spacecraft such as rovers and drones to capture the maximum number of perspectives of what’s happening in space, including deploying video cameras on and around the Moon and later Mars, providing multi-world data.

Sen is writing its own software for analyzing data to make it useful, providing multi-layered views of the worlds we explore and a valuable ‘multivision’ service for our users.

As humans and robots explore space beyond Earth, billions of people on Earth have an interest and a right to hear the story, to provide informed consent for a multi-world democracy. Sen’s mission is to tell the story of humanity’s exploration of the Solar System and one day beyond, democratizing space for all humanity.