Qatar, filmed in 4K by Sen on Nov. 22, 2022

Sen is delighted to welcome Lee Lindley, a member of the VCT investment team at Mercia Asset Management Ltd (“Mercia”), a UK institutional investor, to its Board of Directors. Lee’s appointment follows Mercia’s £2M cash investment in Sen earlier this year as part of an interim funding round.

Sen’s first satellite is now entering its final test phase, capturing UHD videos from multiple cameras. Sen’s app for watching the videos will be publicly available in the new year when full operations of the satellite begin.

Charles Black, Founder & CEO of Sen, said “We’re delighted to welcome Mercia as an important institutional shareholder and also to welcome Lee to the Board. We look forward to working with Mercia and other investors on our Series A round which will open shortly.”

Lee Lindley, Investment Associate at Mercia, said “I’m delighted to be part of the Sen journey as both a Director and representing Mercia as an investor. Sen’s vision to democratize space using video is an inspiring one. As well as expanding the Earth Observation market with the unique qualities of video for data analytics, Sen is also creating a new market for satellite imagery with its unique ‘direct to user’ business model. This is Mercia’s first investment in a space data business and I’m really excited for the future.”

About Sen:

Sen was founded in 2014 by Charles Black with a vision to democratize space using video to inform, educate, inspire and benefit all humanity. Sen’s mission is to stream real-time videos from space to billions of people, gathering news and information on Earth and space and making the data universally accessible and useful. Sen will capture its unique video content using both hosted video cameras and its own constellations of small satellites.

About Mercia:
Mercia is a proactive venture capital investor that aims to be a start-up’s first-choice partner for growth. Mercia currently has c. £959 million of assets under management and, since its IPO in December 2014, has invested in a portfolio of over 400 start-ups from pre-seed to Series B and beyond. Mercia makes initial equity investments of between £250k and £10 million across all sectors, and has an active investment thesis supporting the growth of the UK’s SpaceTech industry. The firm has nine offices in the UK and over 60 in its investment team, all drawing on their experiences as founders, PhD scientists, software engineers, corporate financiers and management consultants to help our partner companies successfully achieve their ambitions. Media enquiries:

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