Sen uses its own satellites and hosted cameras in space to gather news and information about what’s happening on Earth and in space. Sen will makes its videos freely accessible to consumers via an app, empowering people to see changes on Earth and take appropriate action.

Sen also offers its videos to businesses who wish to analyse the imagery to derive insights that are relevant and valuable to their business.

Why video? Human life, communities and global trade on Earth are impacted by a constantly changing environment but there is a scarcity of real-time data capable of providing valuable insights of our ever-changing world. Sen’s solution is streaming real-time video from space providing unique information of events that impact daily life around the planet.

Real-time video has key attributes for providing additional intelligence to existing satellite data – time, movement and storytelling power. These qualities on their own make real-time video useful. Sen’s service will also take the additional step of computer vision and machine learning AI, providing additional insights derived from the video and distributed to customers on any device. The capability of providing this data in real-time will provide valuable insights to our constantly changing world that do not currently exist.

Business model. Our business model is a data business, providing data and information to individuals and businesses. 

Use cases. Sen’s primary focus will be the environment, monitoring acts of nature that affect daily life across the globe. Sen’s data will help our understanding of the environment, empowering people, governments and businesses with real-time and near-real-time insights, and present multiple perspectives of Earth for the benefit of humanity.

As Sen scales, and life and the economy expand to orbit, the Moon and Mars, our datasets will expand to include multi-world data with real-time video streaming of the Moon and later Mars, providing an independent news media for all humanity.

Markets. Sen’s global Earth monitoring will address a range of markets, including: environmental, disaster and emergency response, meteorological, shipping, asset monitoring, news media, future and commodity traders, human and robotic space exploration.